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Spa Ninjas

Business & Career Mentors

spa ninja instructors

White Belt to black belt education for Massage Therapists and Spa Professionals

We empower professionals & businesses through strategy, training, accountability and implementation.

The next generation of career strategy consultants are here to shape the future.

Spa Ninjas is here to mentor and guide career & business growth for massage therapy and spa professionals.

Our Ninjas have over 50 years of combined experience as Massage Therapists in practice and as successful leaders of award winning local and resort spas.

Kate & Ez are opening their support systems and knowledge to provide Massage Therapists and Spa Professionals with skills and practices for therapeutic education and sustainable business processes.









Our Culture Drives What We Do

Veteran Massage Therapists mentoring the next generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an apprentice instructor?

Kate Bell has written a Utah State Board approved curriculum for a 1014 hour Massage Apprenticeship Program.

Do you have online Continuing Education Classes?

We are currently recording online continuing education classes.

Ezralea Robbins

Business Strategy Consultant

Beyond Private Practice